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Commercial and industrial flooring solutions for the harshest environments

Durability by Design

FiberFlex® is the cutting-edge solution to hard surface protection needs

Our Flagship product, FiberFlex®, arrives in fully cured, no VOC, pre-engineered rolls that give the end user an incredibly durable way to protect surfaces while maintaining a fast return to service. What sets us apart is the ability to deliver the best materials possible in a way that was never available before. The benefit of this advancement in technology, combined with a time tested slip resistant, wear layer, provides our customers with a finished product which is much stronger than epoxy, won’t crack like tile, and is more durable and chemical resistant than painted surfaces or laminates.

Michael M.

"FiberFlex® has the durability, fast return to service, and eco-friendly capabilities needed for multiple applications. It has been outstanding both on our exterior decks and high traffic interior areas showing tremendous ability to withstand even the toughest wear and tear."

Applications and Industries:


Industrial Facilities


Warehouses & Distribution Centers




Commercial Kitchens

FiberFlex® Capabilities

FiberFlex® has an array of features that make it a powerful flooring option for a variety of uses.


Slip Resistant

FiberFlex® is slip
resistant by design and one of our most essential features.

Chemical Resistant

FiberFlex® was designed to withstand the use of the strongest chemicals.

Eco Friendly

Our products are engineered to meet or exceed many US Green Building Council LEED parameters and set the standard for sustainable materials.

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