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FiberFlex® Family of Products

Designed For Durability


Designed for Durability

FiberFlex® is warrantied 20 years!

  • Provides fast return-to-service – walk on it in 4 hours

  • Heavy-duty equipment ready in 24 hours

  • Waterproof, microbe, slip-resistant and chemical-resistant

  • Eco-friendly - Red List Free

  • Easy installation with no extra cost materials required

FiberFlex UV Stable

FiberFlex® Extreme

FiberFlex® Extreme is intended for harsh environments. We designed it for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions or indoor use on areas where extremely heavy equipment is used. 

FiberFlex® Extreme is offered in 6’ widths and up to 50’ in length. It is highly resistant to punctures and tough impacts, but if needed, it is easy to repair.  

FiberFlex Safety

FiberFlex® Safety

FiberFlex® Safety, like all our flooring is slip-resistant, to help keep workers and customers safe and protect against costly slip-and-fall accidents.  


The costs these accidents, including hospitalization, worker’s compensation, and lawsuits is $70billion/year in the U.S. - not including lost revenues from reputational damage.

yellow line.jpg

Safety Striping

No need to paint, re-paint or repair worn, cracked lines. Made from a proprietary top-tier unique formulation, FiberFlex® quickly and easily replaces old-fashioned painted lines – and they last for years.


Safety lines are a necessity – to keep your employees safe, to prevent costly worker’s comp, legal fees and downtime as well as reputational damage.


Whether it’s heavy machinery or lines of stock stacked on top of each other, employees need to be aware of potential dangers. That’s where WorldProof comes in – our FiberFlex® safety products are not just bright yellow, they are also waterproof and slip-resistant.

stair tread 3.jpg

Stair Treads

One of the most dangerous areas in any workplace is the stairs. Water, ice, snow, and other fluids can cause them to be slippery. If the stairs are worn, cracked or have loose surface coverings, they can also cause slips, trips, and falls.


To help prevent these issues, WorldProof created safety stair treads – specially treated with our proprietary formulation comprised of slip-resistant, chemical resistant, microbe resistant, and if needed, - we can also make a fireproof version!

Color Options

For Custom Colors

For large projects, FiberFlex can be manufactured in any RAL K5 color code – to match your corporate branding standards.

Recent Projects

FiberFlex® Benefits


Fiberflex® improves the normal process of coating a surface with high property elastomeric technology by arriving on site fully cured and ready to lay down. Full adhesive cure occurs inside of 24 hours and full facility operations can resume.

FiberFlex Chemical Resistance


Safety and durability are our top priorities.  Unlike epoxy or tile, our floors are all slip resistant. Slip and fall accidents are one of the costliest issues plaguing companies today - averaging $50K per claim. We help eliminate costly litigation for slip and fall accidents.

FiberFlex Safety


WorldProof FiberFlex® floors resist spillage from most materials.  They are also resistant to bacteria and germs and are so easy to clean that they make an excellent choice for medical facilities and pet facilities.

FiberFlex Slip Resistance


The durability of a FiberFlex® floor is like no other floor solution. FiberFlex® will provide you with a durable floor that will outlast any others; it is resistant to chemicals, spillage, scratches, and cracks and does not need to be repainted.

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