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WorldProof products started as a construction business that was in need of a better solution to protect surfaces and substrates. The most durable, eco-friendly and chemical resistant commercial flooring options did not exist.

About Us

Our Mission

To design a product to meet our needs as well as our clients needs in the construction industry.

Our Story

We originally installed traditional flooring solutions – carpet, laminate, tile and epoxy. While these worked for many applications, there was nothing available for heavy use, back-of-house areas that met our clients’ needs. They wanted a slip-resistant, easy to install, long-lasting surface.

Our flagship products, FiberFlex® and FiberFlex Plus®, incorporate all the properties we demanded be present in a surface covering for high traffic and high needs applications. 

Our mission shifted from small-scale localized installations to designing a product that answered our needs as well as the needs of others in the construction industry. 

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