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Why is FiberFlex® better than epoxy, tile, laminate or carpet?


It lasts approximately four times longer than each of these, needs no repair or repainting and is easy to install and clean. It saves you money many times over!


What makes FiberFlex® slip resistant?


Aggregate (our slip resistant material) is a part of our DNA and is an integral part of our product line. The amount of aggregate can be increased or reduced to meet your specific requirements.


How is FiberFlex® installed? Does WorldProof install FiberFlex® or can my installers do so?


It is easily installed - much like sheet vinyl. Either we can install it for you, or we can quickly and easily train your installers to do so.


What type of subfloor is required for FiberFlex® to be installed?


FiberFlex® should be installed on clean, dry, repaired and prepped surface.


What prep work is needed for installation?  Is the prep work done by WorldProof or the installer?


Surfaces must be level, and free of any indentations or erosion. The installer is responsible for prepping the floor.


What adhesive is used? Is it supplied by WorldProof or do we purchase it from a recommended supplier?


Our adhesive is supplied by either Stauf or S3. We can supply the adhesive as we have it readily available in stock.  If desired, you can purchase it directly from the suppliers.


How long after it is installed, can it be walked on? How soon after it is installed, can heavy equipment be placed on it?


You can walk on FiberFlex® as soon as it is installed. You can return to light duty in four hours and full serves in 24 hours. 


How eco-friendly is it?


FiberFlex® is free from solvents, plasticizers and volatile organic compounds. It does not have to be replaced after just a short usage like many conventional products, so there is less waste.

When it is finally replaced, it can be disposed of as mixed construction waste or recycled (this should be agreed upon in advance with the local waste disposal company or your disposal specialist).

According to experts in the coatings industry, FiberFlex® materials have been referred to as “the new and ecologically high-quality coating."

How long does FiberFlex® last before it needs to be replaced?


FiberFlex® is covered with a 20-year warranty so at a minimum, you should expect that length of service. 


Will harsh chemicals damage FiberFlex®?


FiberFlex® is impervious to harsh chemicals. For any specific chemical concerns, contact us prior to installation. 


If FiberFlex® is damaged, how can it be repaired?


There are two main ways to repair damage to FiberFlex®.  

If a gouge occurs and the flooring material is cut and lifted, a fast cure epoxy or our standard glue can be used to reattach the lifted piece. If seaming material was specified in the installation, then a bead of our high strength seam can be applied to finish off the repair.

If the damaged area needs to be patched, then a similar piece of material may be double cut over the repair area and then, after cleaning the substrate, the patch can be adhered to the surface using the glue originally used for the installation. Seaming material can be applied as needed around the repair patched area.


How are the seams sealed?


Seams are sealed with a chemical weld applied at the time of installation.


Can it be rolled up the wall if needed? If so, how is it finished off? 


For terminating any edges or up the wall applications, there are several prefabricated solutions existing in the market. Roppe and Tarkett are two examples of companies that produce cove caps, transitions, termination strips, etc to protect and provide a finished look to FiberFlex® edges. These can be used to reduce transitions or join two different finish materials together. 


Can it be used in extremely cold or very hot environments?


FiberFlex® can be used at -40F up to 265F. In limited use, it can be used 450F.  It can also be fire retardant, if needed.


What colors are available? 


Black and graphite are our primary colors. We also stock medium gray, safety yellow, red, and white.


What custom colors can be available?  


FiberFlex® can be produced to match any pantone specifications.

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