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FiberFlex® Products

Our flagship product is designed for durability.

FiberFlex® is warrantied 20 years - typical flooring lasts 4 – 5 years. 

In addition, FiberFlex®:

  • Provides fast return-to-service – walk on it in 4 hours

  • Heavy-duty equipment ready in 24 hours

  • Is waterproof, microbe, slip resistant and chemical-resistant

  • Eco-friendly, with no VOCs

  • Is easy-to-install

FiberFlex UV Resistance

FiberFlex® Extreme

FiberFlex® Extreme is UV stable and suitable for any outdoors application. It also can be created in any RAL K5 color code.  Provide us with your code and we will create the flooring to match!

FiberFlex Safety

FiberFlex® Safety

Designed for areas where you need to be extra careful.  Rather than painted safety lines that are typically repainted every year or two, FiberFlex® Safety requires no repainting, repairing or replacement for 20 years.

FiberFlex® Capabilities

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